Monday, 6 September 2010

Draw Spontaneously

After many many crazy and blue things happening around Winter, the sun came out.
It's awesome how nature can give you all you needed long ago, like a smile in your face or just a bit of life inside all this Winter clothes. Thank you sun!

I still gotta study a lot and September plans some heavy stuff for me but somehow Owl City, Joe Brooks and Puffy Ami Yumi are giving me wings to fly with this first pre-Spring winds. Drawing is helping a lot also; with some new ideas, some new energies and new colour markers I'm trying to create a brand new kindom... that needs a name soon. The idea is to draw spontaneously out of the music I'm listening at the moment or the movie I'm watching or even the talk that were having some people that I came through... details, that's the main idea of this project: pay attention, let go, fly and draw spontaneously (what a difficult and beautiful word it is!).

Alright, I'd write more and more stuff that are popping out my head in thsi moment (stories mostly) but, as I said, I gotta study a lot so...
Goodbye for now.
Today I've learn: When in sorrow eat an apple and laugh with friends.