Monday, 18 October 2010

Not vanished... I'm alive!!

Well, I have totally abandoned this blog, right?? It's just that I didn't much to write about... not that that has changed but I felt sorry for this beautiful blog so, here I am.

What's up with me right now??
-Listening to Charlie Chaplin's "Modern times" soundtrack. I download this and some charleston and jazz from the 20s because I'll be in charge of the music for a short animated film we're doing at University. Do not worry, when I'll finish it I'll leave it here so you can check it out.
-Eating a yougurt with peach... yummy!
-About to cut the patterns I made for the "Miley-twist" dress I designed for myself. Why it's called "Miley-twist"?? easy, because the dress was inspired on her while I was listening to Chuck Berry's "Let's twist again!"... I'll show it when it's finish also! ^^
-This next December 3rd I'm gonna have my very own fashion runway at the Fashion Designing Course!!!! The theme is CIRCUS... and though I haveeee an idea of doing my outfit kinda inspired on the show "Carnivale" and a bit of "Cirque du Soleil" I do not know what exactly to do... not worring too much anyway, something'd come out!
-The sun is very very shinny today, so beautiful!
-I started watching "Flash foward" and I looooooved it, I love this kind of shows where people have to face something strange.
-It's late and I have to cut my patterns and then cook lunch so...

See ya all soon!!
Today I've learn: people from my town look at me a bit wird and then smile... awkward!!!

Kisses and rockets!!