Saturday, 7 August 2010

The sun is shining

Watched "Leap Year": loved it.
Walked and sat in my backyard until the sun fade away... beautiful.
Study: I'm about to start and I've got a headache... I will do my best anyway.

How is that the week flew so fast?? Where are my memories?? I really should slow down.

Today I've learn: I really miss just to sat down and feel the air in my face.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


designed by Vivienne Westwood
I've been trying to work in an other style of drawing (a new one because I was getting bored of the old one) and yesterday night when I was just sbribbling... it came out from my pen and the classic music I was listening to. It is a kind of girl with long arms and legs, and their faces have long noses and little red lips. Their wardrobe is a mix of the '30s-'40s and contemporary fashion.
I only draw girls when I make this kind of studies because they are my main characters, but, then I keep going and draw other things like animals and landscapes, etc. Now, I've been doing a kind of children story with the technic of paper cutting and I started doing it with the old style... so, I just hope I don't mess it up with the new one, or an ugly mix of both. Gotta finish it soon. It looks lovely until now. ^^

Ok, what else? I was going to write about this sandals designed by Vivienne Westwood that I fell in love with (the ones in the the picture above)... but I have no time. Tomorrow I go back to the University and I have to finish some homework: the children storybook due Friday, and a couple of paintings due tomorrow... oh, and two drawings due Thursday. Tuesday gotta a birthday party!!! ^^

Anyway. I'll try to make something with the new drawing style so then I'll load it here... ok?? would you like that?? :P

Loads of kisses and hugs (xoxo) Today I've learn: There's no good in worrying about everything too much. Just keep calm and have a cup of tea! Yours, Safi.