Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy Birthday Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin!!!

Today, April 16th , it's the anniversary for Chaplin's birthday. Why do I post about him?? Well, because I absolutely love him, I love his films, short films, music, writings, his whole talent and art!! I admire him so much, as an artist and as a person that was very involved in the world he was living in. I mean... his acting is just amazing, he also composed music and wrote his movies. I could keep talking about how much he inspires me but I think this video I found says everything for me.

Other news:
-Oh, well, I'm sewing like a mad girl, really mad!! The runway show is nearly here and I'm very excited, very very very excited (and busy as well)! I think it's gonna be pretty awesome, very artistic and beautiful.
-Next Friday I'll be going to the Book Fair with some friends. I saved enough money to buy a mountain of lovely books, I don't have a complete idea what to buy but I'm sure I'll be shouting and pointing everywhere I see a nice title.
-I's a lovely day to be out... I think I'll sew outside :)

Anything else??
Oh yeah, I'm gonna make a "Book lovers never go to sleep alone" t-shirt for me now. ♥

Have a great weekend.
Today I've learn: Chaplin was about to receive a Novel Prize.
Kisses and Chaplin's smiles.

PS: Happy birthday maese Chaplin!! ♥♥♥