Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh, well...

What?? I wasn't able to find any spare time since my last post... that's why I've been out of this blog of mine. But today something wonderful happened and I wanted to shout it out somewhere.

Today, this very afternoon, I took the bus and went to the city where I was going to meet the models that are going to wear our designs this May 14th. I was so freaking nervous, so excited!! Suddenly I found myself -and other eight people at least- trying to put skirts and tights and jackets to this beautiful young models in some tiny bathrooms. The first one I wanted to try was the one I am gonna show as the grand finale of my collection, the most difficult one, the one I was most scared of and... IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I don't like to show off the things I do but this time I will: I am so very proud of myself, of what I did with my imagination and dedication and my magical-fingers-that-can-do-everything! :D
Yes, I am very happy!
About the other first two designs... are OK but no so much so, I'm gonna remake some things, resew some others and through away others as well. I still have one week until the big day of the Runway Show so I'm taking it easy.

What else?? oh, yeah, I am very happy. Oh, and I'm getting to the end of The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King and I'm very sad, I don't want it to end!!!!! Could JRR Tolkien write an other novel?? :)

Gotta go now, gonna make pizza.
Have a great weekend! Today I've learn: I really have 3D imagination!!!!!
Hugs and stars.


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  1. oh congratulations! how exciting for you :) can't wait to see your designs! i'm having a parisian giveaway and i would love for you to join it! hope your having a lovely weekend!

    love, M