Sunday, 4 September 2011

Here comes the sun

did not have anything new to tell you, my dear readers, nor anything to show you either. Now, this last week, I awake my spirit and I'm drawing and illustrating and creating a lot.
I asked some friends, some boggers and mr. Google some pictures to draw, people from the world that I put down in paper and colours. I opened a Flickr account and I posted some of the illustrations I already made! Check it out, maybe you are part of my art and you don't know it yet!!! :3

by me ♥

What else??
We're starting to feel the heat of the upcoming Spring, trees and flowers are blooming and I am already sneezing because of pollen. People dare to use brighter colours and smiles are coming out from scarves and jackets. I love Winter but th reborn of nature with Spring is something soooo wonderful that I cannot stop feeling the new energy from mother Earth :)
Anyway. This new Fickr account and my nonstoping illustration were the things I wanted to let you know for now. If you want to be drawn, please send me the picture to my email account
with your name and your blog :)

Have a great week!
Kisses and colours!
Today I've learn: some people DO grow up!


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  1. lovely....please send me one of ur drawings. the one which u think is the unique one .
    Love you more