Saturday, 28 May 2011

Alter Diseño: REVOLUTION!


(1st design)


(2nd design)

(3rd design)


"Julie Bonaparte"

Well, here they are, my own designs for the past runway show.
The theme for this runway was "revolution" and I took it from the point of view of leaders, the people who are at the top of a revolution and put their face with courage in front of their people's enemy. And so, I created three dresses for three different female leaders: the first one "Lyra" represents the nasty part of the revolution, the moment people start to fight and everything is exposed to the world to hear. The second design "Joanne", represents the second stage of this revolution, when the fight and the courage turns vital because one fail movement can change everything... for bad or for good. And the third dress "Éowyn", is the complete female leader, the leader that achieved victory after a long long long fight, she is the revolution.
The dress at the top (the white one with red) is the prototype that every designer had to make, it was like the try-out of the whole collection and it was exposed at the beggining of the runway. The idea of it was representing the people behind the leaders, the people that leave their blood for the cause.
And, the last picture (at the bottom) is the dress I made for the photoshoot and represents the voice of the revolution.

I had the best of fun doing all this designs, I learnt a loooot from everyone involved in the runway (designers, photographers, models) and I felt really well, I felt complete... very complete. It was the best to watch the models with my designs on the runway, after so much work it was beautiful and so emotional. Oh, I do hope I can become a reconigsed designer... I'll work for it! :)

What else?? Oh, well, I'm designing an other dress, one for my new haute couture collection... it's a lot of work but it's getting soooo freakiing cool!
And, I bought a new camara, a beautiful Fujifilm S1600 that's my new best mate! I have this huge need of take photographs of everything.

I'll post more later... some random things perhaps.
Today I've learn: I love my watercolours!
Hugs and kisses.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A friend's Giveaway

I am not used to post two days in a row but I was just invited to this wonderful giveaway from and I could not stop posting about it. Take a look at it, she's giving away such nice things! :) And she always stops by my blog and comments... such a sweetheart!

Well. That's it for now. I gotta go star resewing my dresses. Have a great end of weekend!

Today I've learn: I can buy clothe with my eyes...!
Kisses and more kisses

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh, well...

What?? I wasn't able to find any spare time since my last post... that's why I've been out of this blog of mine. But today something wonderful happened and I wanted to shout it out somewhere.

Today, this very afternoon, I took the bus and went to the city where I was going to meet the models that are going to wear our designs this May 14th. I was so freaking nervous, so excited!! Suddenly I found myself -and other eight people at least- trying to put skirts and tights and jackets to this beautiful young models in some tiny bathrooms. The first one I wanted to try was the one I am gonna show as the grand finale of my collection, the most difficult one, the one I was most scared of and... IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I don't like to show off the things I do but this time I will: I am so very proud of myself, of what I did with my imagination and dedication and my magical-fingers-that-can-do-everything! :D
Yes, I am very happy!
About the other first two designs... are OK but no so much so, I'm gonna remake some things, resew some others and through away others as well. I still have one week until the big day of the Runway Show so I'm taking it easy.

What else?? oh, yeah, I am very happy. Oh, and I'm getting to the end of The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King and I'm very sad, I don't want it to end!!!!! Could JRR Tolkien write an other novel?? :)

Gotta go now, gonna make pizza.
Have a great weekend! Today I've learn: I really have 3D imagination!!!!!
Hugs and stars.