Monday, 30 January 2012

Oreagano tea for coughing

New Year has passed long ago. I am here now, writing something just to spare time while my brother and sister come back from their walk... I am ill so I cannot go out U.U

2012 so far: I went and came back from my holidays, twice. I celebrated my dad's birthday, I went to the cinema, I illustrated and read and now I just started to study. I've always found awkard to study during the morning so instead I do other things, like preparing some surprises for this year, stuff I am makeing and trying out so then I can sell them and start a little bussiness. The goal: England! I still want to travel and see England and try to find a place to live and to work there, so I am in this quest for a job and, of course, my self artistic development.

What else? Oh, I might buy a piano or something near one so I can practise and not just try the music sheets on my piano made of paper... yes, I made one! :) I found out recently that I am truly in love with movie soundtracks and that I would love to become a composer. One other thing I want to do, one other thing to add to my list of "to be".
Drawings, illustrations, fashion designs, photographs and another ships full of ideas to the top are popping out from my head whenever they can, I can barely risist to them. It seems that my mind does not understand that I only have ONE pair of hands and that I can't draw and paint and sew all at the same time. Yes, I'll have to talk to my mind and let this things cleare, most of all because those ideas interrupt my studying...

Alright, this is everyting for now. I gotta make some more oregano tea, it's great against coughing!!
Have a great week!

Today I've learn: If I wake up early I can do a lot of things before lunch!

PS: I leave you this master piece of music created by the mega genious Michael Giacchino (winner of an Oscar for his music from the Pixar movie's Up) from the movie Super 8. Enjoy!

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  1. q copado hacer un curso de graffiti! hoy pensaba desp de escribir eso q si viviera en una casa esas con gran paredon, sederia mi pared para q pinten algo lindo!!! pd: me cuesta un poco el ingles, asi q no puedo comentarte de lo q ecsribiste.. :(