Thursday, 3 February 2011

Menu of Inspiration

I was going through some shit days... I smiled and painted and illustrated as anything was happening but I was blue. Just idiocies about love. Just that. So, as I'm feeling much better now and need to organize some things I'll post some of the things that are inspiring right now (some always inspires me!).

Alexa Chung.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in the movie Nanny McPhee: the Big Bang.


Late 19th century.

Artist and illustrator Arthur Rackham.


This is some of the things I've been sorrounding with, it came out several things, cute, vintage, and weird things... that I'll be posting soon, of course :P
I've taken from Alexa Chung her style and her beautiful personality, from Maggie Gyllenhaal performing in the movie Nanny McPhee: the Big Bang her clothe and bright colours. From Mori-girls is of course all her culture and the kinds of things they are used to use like cotton clothe, some fur and things that have to do with forest and animals and books. The late 19th century had amazing fabrics and what I like the most is the female figure, so... beautiful. While I took the colours and the style of drawing of Arthur Rackham (whom I deeply admire). Last but not least I choose as "the" food for this menu of Inspiration: pies or tarts, because they're just too delicious. XD

Alright, tomorrow I'll be visiting my friend Sole because she told me she had some clothe that belonged to her grandma that she wanted to give me!... I'll tell you then what I got. :P

Today I've learn: playing Jumanji after a long while is very difficult!
Sugar Kisses.


  1. Hi sis... Oh, you love fashion so much. That's awesome...always love what you love to do. And i will always love my loving sis.