Thursday, 10 March 2011

Great news!!!

It's been a while since I last wrote here... I didn'have much to update except my complains for this hot Summer. But, just an hour ago I recieved the best news so far, and I immediately thought I should write somewhere all about it .
My Design teacher sent me this e-mail with all the info about the coming runway show all his students' gonna have and, within all its timetables there was the date of the runway: May 14th. I probably should remind you that I only started with Fashion Designing last year (I always loved drawing outfits but never took it seriously) and I'm already in this group my teacher created for Independent Designers... so, guess my surprise and happiness regarding all this matter!!!

I must immediately get to work, look for inspiration, choose the colours, the music, make-up, everything to create the perfect Autumn-Winter Collection 2011 in this planet!!! Well, maybe not so much but at least to create a really good A/W Collection... but who knows, maybe it can be the best in this planet. Ok, I'm daydreaming again. Back to earth... a bit.

Alright pals, this is the big news I got to write about. Hope you can join my happiness! I'll try to update all about my A/W Collection as much as I can, illustrations, inspiration, photography, anything that comes to mind at the moment of the creation.

Have a nice week!!!
Today I've learn: sewing books for too long make you fingers ache.
Kisses and smiles.

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