Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cold early mornings

"Perfectly Perfect" by Elizabeth and the Catapult
The morning is about to end in about two hours and I already found two awesomeness: this video which is so cute and funny, and a japanese designer who is just amazing... Everlasting Sprout... check it out, his designs are very artistic and he creates very appealing figures: a mix between classic, mori-girl and modern design using mostly wool and organic fabrics.

by Everlasting Sprout
I had a very very very long and exhausted week, very! Nonetheless, yesterday I brought home two of my friends to finish the photoshoot for the expo I have next month at my fashion design course. It was an extremely cold morning -which was perfect really- but we freeze taking all the pictures in my backyard and the weak sun did not help much. Anyway, the pictures turned out awesome and I learnt a lot about how to organize a photoshoot and what kind of directions give to the model, etc...

from my last collection "L'Obscurité": "Dew" dress.
model: Mik Belmonte Photography: myself

What else? Well, I'll go back to my knitting... it's being a long time since I last made an amigurumi and I really miss doing it. So, I'll start again, or try at least... I still have a pile of homework for Uni... no matter, I'll make an effort, knitting is one of my relaxing activities so I MUST go back to it before I go mad with all the other stuff. creepy smile*
So, have a great weekend! :)

Today I've learn: getting up really early helps to discovering new things!
Hugs and smiles.



  1. are becoming so much involved with your fashion works...that's a great news... hope you will make it big.
    love you

  2. Hey! muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras!
    Suerte en tus estudios!
    Te sigo! Saludos:)

  3. oooh that dress is amazing! I love the dew drops against the black mesh!!! You are also a great artist, I saw your work on Caroline Ergy Erg's blog. I will be following you!