Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiration Day: Fashion Film "The Curve of Forgotten Things"

I found this just now and I loved it.
I absolutely love Rodarte and Elle Fanning, and put them together is just genious!

I think today is gonna be one of those "Inspiration day", you know, one those days that have the perfect weather, the perfect pictures, the perfect picture or video (like this one) and just gather and inlight your mind and heart... I want to draw, and illustrate, I want to sew and read and take pictures, I want to listen to music and travel and walk. Oh, but I got homework... which I'll do right away... after I finish this "Inspiration day" :) (naughty!)

This week was not very exciting, nothing interesting happened nor I did anything cool. I guess all those cool things that should have been spread along the week are now in one box today, Saturday... the day of fun! ^^
I think, I think I'm gonna create "Saturday: Inspiration Day" in this blog... yeahp. It'll be fun to do and it could make me post more often. Ok, yeah, I declare today: June 11th 2011 that from now on every saturday will be "Saturday: Inspiration Day" in this blog. (claps*!!!) Oh, I'm already excited! :)

(Something singular to add to this post) Yesterday I wore make-up, red lipstick and mascara... I am not used to wear any but as I was very bored I decided to put a little adventure to my personal style and... well, went out with some nice make-up on. People liked it (surprise!) so I guess I'm gonna start using once in a while, just for a change.

Alright, this is everything for now folks... I guess (who nows what kind of Inspiration may possess me this Inspiration Day!)
Have a great weekend!!!

Today I've learn: making a short film as a fashion lookbook is a good idea.
Kisses and sun rays

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