Saturday, 18 June 2011

Inspiration Day: Xul Solar

Weather: cold, windy and rainy.

This week the weather was just perfect, just the way I like it... with all nature dancing in the cold wind and inspiration coming down on me with every raindrop :) But I my throat aches!
Anyways, it was a good week, I went with my Drawing class IV (from Uni) to the Natural Science Museum (here in La Plata, Buenos Aires) and it was really awesome. I've always loved going to the museum, and drawing and taking pictures there was something I was longing to do for a while. Bees, beatles, butterflies, birds... I love drawing fauna, it's like, don't know, just fun to do it and it kind of teaches me a lot about figures and body structure.
It was a good week also because I finally decided what to do (regarding my life and likes and etc); so, next year I'm gonna start an other new career: "Political Science and International relations" which will let me develop the social side of me I was always eager to express (not sure if that is the right word!). And, that I want to take Fashion designing more seriously and make a living out of it by designing Prêt à Porter and a casual brand with t-shirts, shirts and hoodies alone (more like Ready to wear).

Hum... the inspiration for this "Inspiration Day" is an argentinian artist named Xul Solar which is not a recent discovery but I am digging in his work (homework for Uni) and I really love his vanguardist way of painting. He worked mainly with worlds and creatures he invented himself, flags related to argentine nationalism and some other cool stuff.
I leave you the link to his Museum (for he was one of our greatest artist back in the early 20th century) if you wanna know more about him.

butterflies from the museum

my drawing at the Museum

"Marina" by Xul Solar

My latest acquisitions... aren't they cute?? ♥
-the moon stone ring (made by an artisan friend) and some hair clips-

So, this is everything for now.
It's rainging heavily outside and thunders and lightnings are all shaking the sky... I love it!
Have a great weekend!

Today I've learn: pizza and chatting 'til 7 am with friends is so bloody good!
Kisses and raindrops.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiration Day: Fashion Film "The Curve of Forgotten Things"

I found this just now and I loved it.
I absolutely love Rodarte and Elle Fanning, and put them together is just genious!

I think today is gonna be one of those "Inspiration day", you know, one those days that have the perfect weather, the perfect pictures, the perfect picture or video (like this one) and just gather and inlight your mind and heart... I want to draw, and illustrate, I want to sew and read and take pictures, I want to listen to music and travel and walk. Oh, but I got homework... which I'll do right away... after I finish this "Inspiration day" :) (naughty!)

This week was not very exciting, nothing interesting happened nor I did anything cool. I guess all those cool things that should have been spread along the week are now in one box today, Saturday... the day of fun! ^^
I think, I think I'm gonna create "Saturday: Inspiration Day" in this blog... yeahp. It'll be fun to do and it could make me post more often. Ok, yeah, I declare today: June 11th 2011 that from now on every saturday will be "Saturday: Inspiration Day" in this blog. (claps*!!!) Oh, I'm already excited! :)

(Something singular to add to this post) Yesterday I wore make-up, red lipstick and mascara... I am not used to wear any but as I was very bored I decided to put a little adventure to my personal style and... well, went out with some nice make-up on. People liked it (surprise!) so I guess I'm gonna start using once in a while, just for a change.

Alright, this is everything for now folks... I guess (who nows what kind of Inspiration may possess me this Inspiration Day!)
Have a great weekend!!!

Today I've learn: making a short film as a fashion lookbook is a good idea.
Kisses and sun rays

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cold early mornings

"Perfectly Perfect" by Elizabeth and the Catapult
The morning is about to end in about two hours and I already found two awesomeness: this video which is so cute and funny, and a japanese designer who is just amazing... Everlasting Sprout... check it out, his designs are very artistic and he creates very appealing figures: a mix between classic, mori-girl and modern design using mostly wool and organic fabrics.

by Everlasting Sprout
I had a very very very long and exhausted week, very! Nonetheless, yesterday I brought home two of my friends to finish the photoshoot for the expo I have next month at my fashion design course. It was an extremely cold morning -which was perfect really- but we freeze taking all the pictures in my backyard and the weak sun did not help much. Anyway, the pictures turned out awesome and I learnt a lot about how to organize a photoshoot and what kind of directions give to the model, etc...

from my last collection "L'Obscurité": "Dew" dress.
model: Mik Belmonte Photography: myself

What else? Well, I'll go back to my knitting... it's being a long time since I last made an amigurumi and I really miss doing it. So, I'll start again, or try at least... I still have a pile of homework for Uni... no matter, I'll make an effort, knitting is one of my relaxing activities so I MUST go back to it before I go mad with all the other stuff. creepy smile*
So, have a great weekend! :)

Today I've learn: getting up really early helps to discovering new things!
Hugs and smiles.