Friday, 26 March 2010

20 years-old

Today is my birthday. Today, twenty years ago at around half past five in the afternoon I was born in the hospital of my city, La Plata. Wow, twenty years ago!! I'm two decades old!!! ^^
Sometimes I feel very sad because I feel I haven't done anything for this world I live in, I feel so useless... But today, in some odd way, I feel I'm just a few minutes old, I feel new and ready to help and see, and read, and paint and listen to the world. Idealistic, I know.

In a few minutes I'll take the bus to the bus station to meet my friends and kipnap them and bring them home to my tea party. I already put on the decoration (a mix between the circus, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland), the food's ready and my house is clean... Oh, right now I'm alone here and again I'm sorrounded by this odd silence broke only by "Married life" from the movie Up... beautiful! Aunt, cousins, uncles gonna come later here, it's gonna be mad! A mad house, a mad tea party with mad people!! :P

Ok, I think this is enough for today. Tomorrow'll write again and the next day as well and so on. But today, people from the world, I start my new blog with my new thoughts, my new feelings and all the things I'll start learning from now on.

Today I learnt: There are this tiny little white spiders in my garden trees and I SHOULD NOT get close to them... they jump.

See you soon. Kisses, Safi.


  1. i liked it a is sooo simple yet sooo much to know (for me).now you are out of the teenage aroma.sooo enjoy the best

  2. Safiiii =D Happy Birthday! de nuevo xD Espero que la hayas pasado herrrrmosamente ^^ Te quiero! Besotes! ♥