Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day one

A couple of days ago my English teacher asked us to write about friendship, just an opinion. I felt it easy, like I knew what I was writing about... today I realized I was wrong. Why?? Because I felt it much more close, much more true!!! ^^

In my first day of 20 years-old I cried... wanna know why?? Because I was saying goodbay to my book-sisters, my (I know this now!) Soulmates! I missed them so much even when I could still see them through the window of their bus, I smiled but then I cried of happiness and because I was already missing them. I know I'll see them soon (We already arranged something!) but it was so great to have them here, in my home like we were truly sisters, talking and laughing and everything. A long birthday day but so short at the same time.
We found each other about two or three years ago through a common interest: Narnia. And now we are like this inseparable... it's so weird, so magical and special, just like them.... just like all of us.

New friends, old friends, soulmates, family and a lot of sweet food for the tea party made the perfect birthday for me, the best in my twenty years of life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
And you know?? Things like this, days like this make you feel so great, and happy and like there was nothing wrong with anything, like everything is perfect... I guess that's what birthdays are, for reunite with the people you love that makes you feel like this: big and full.

This is everything for now. See you tomorrow falks!

Today I learnt: I hate goodbyes.

Love and kisses, Safi.

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  1. So sweet of you...great...magical...just one think left to say...thanks for writing in english for us.