Sunday, 28 March 2010

Autumn leaves

I adore Autumn. I love how everything radically changes in nature during this time of the year, how browns, reds, yellows and oranges come out from trees, grass, flowers and even the sky itself. Oh, the autumn sunsets are just the best in my opinion; so worm and peaceful... the perfect moment to read or draw outdoors, or just sit and listen to some of your favourite music.
Also, during autumn I feel happy and joyful almost every day. I like wearing woolen hats and scarves and gloves and coats. I feel like I also wear the trees that leave their leaves fall to the grass everywhere painting the ground, making an amazing collage, or that this cool new air brings me perfums from far away, from some cold and yellow land where irish lullabies sounds while the sun goes up and down in the horizon.

One of my birthday presents was a box with a painted Gryffindor crest (my friend painted it!!) and it contained a book: The Alchemyst by Scott Michael (which I already started reading!), and I had to decide what would I use the box for. I wanted it to keep something valuable, so at the end I decided I'll use it to put the books I'm reading at the moment so they won't lay on my bedroom carpet, and when I put them inside (I'm reading three at the time) I felt this Harry Potterish feeling that I was actually the owner of a Gryffindor trunk like the one Harry uses!! ^^ So magical... and then I remembered that with my friends wanted to go to the Wizarding World that will be soon be opened its doors!!! I wish we had the money!

Anyways, today was a nothing day... nothing extraordinary happened nor I did anything special; so this autumn-Harry Potter-books theme is everything I'll write for today, until tomorrow.

Today I learnt: I like the convination of green and fucsia.

See ya soon, lads!

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  1. Wow...that's great and amazing... Ya...the feeling of automn and harry potter combined is really something to cherish.