Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My secret place

Don't you ever wished you had a secret place where only you can go?? A place where there'd be all you favouriste stuff, all the things that make you feel confortable and happy and safe... a house or a cottage or a bedroom in a hollow tree, anything you imagine.
My secret place would be in a clear field between some little hills with apple trees on the top and a great forest, dark and mysterious. It would be a cottage, a small, cozy cottage with a lot of little windows and a round door like the one of a hobbit's house; and there'd be this bedrooms:
-One for sleeping (with a huge closet)
-One for painting
-One for photography
-One for writing
-One for designing clothes, and a library (of course!) a nice living-room with a fireplace, and a nice kitchen with pans and cups and dry flowers hanging from the roof. Oh, and I'd have my cat with me and also a brown rabbit and a ferret as pets. And outside, I'd have a tiny garden with raspberries, strawberries and carrots, tomatoes and potatoes (my fav fruits and veggies).
The porch from the back of the house would have three rocking chairs looking to the forest, where in the first big and old tree before the forest began would hang a swing which would only swing with the wind blowing from inside the forest... a mysterious swing.
Of course, as this place would be "my secret place" the only way to go in and out of there would be possible only by bike or by feet or flying... Anyways, it would not be easy to be found!

Oh, well, one day I'll live in a place like this. For now, I gotta go back to my homework ¬¬

Today I've learn: Some people should NOT be teachers, ever!


P.S.: And roses, loads of roses would circle the my secret place, roses in the windows, by the door and the road.


  1. Today I've learn: Some people should NOT be teachers, ever!

    hace poco aprendi eso! yo tambien pensaba q todos podian ser maestros en algun sentido... pero no.. no siempre

  2. que lindo, un lugar secreto...
    me gusto tu lugar!! suena muy tranquilo, sin quilombo de gente, autos, etc.

    Un lugar secreto para mi.. seria algo mas pequeño... Seria un lugar por el cual se llegue a traves del agujero de algun arbol, o una cueva, o un tunel cubierto de enredaderas....
    El lugar seria de una sola habitacion, y en un rincon habria las raices de algun arbol muy viejo. Se filtraria la luz por algunos pequeños huecos. Tendria un sillon de dos plazas, sumamente esponjoso y tremendamente comodo. Una biblioteca con mis libros y mangas. Algun equipo de musica.. para la musica obvio ;D.
    En un ricon un atril y mis cuadros amontonados xD... una buena alfombra....
    no se, muchas cosas me imagino! :O

    pd: yo tambien toy re podrida de los profesores >_>

  3. hi....i lurved your secret place....i am sure Dumblydorrrr will find it out for sure...he will sniff the fragrance raspberry, i must say.

    i dont know about my secret place....may be you can fulfil mine...just make me your house keeper...so that i can partially access your sooooo beautiful secret place... ha ha ha ha ha.

    ok...but i lurved it like anything...

  4. Sincen I'm writing in english I thought in using my english name (:

    I'd love to have a place like the one you describe or at least a place of my own. I know I can't complain about my house cause I love it but I still need a room of my own sometimes. Those are the moments in which I go up to my roof (:

    It has nothing I mean is completely... "flat" and there is no wall where to rest the back or whatsoever. But what I have are both of my trees that rise upon the house and they are just perfect. I love to stare at them or the stars (which unfortunately aren't that much in the city)

    I don't know if it's secret, but my roof is definitely my place in the world. (=

    Love you sist♥

    Ps: I just found out that I can comment wihtout having a blog -.- I'm such a silly... Anyway, loveya! ;D