Friday, 28 May 2010

Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow

ideos like this one make me wanna be in a forest drinking tea with cupcakes and french patisserie; and then go around running between the trees or serching for rabbits or playing hide and seek. Make me wanna leave a kite fly in the sky, or write or sew something... It makes me wanna...
I wasn't feeling well today, I felt like laying on my bed and sleep, just that... to rest. I wasn't tired nor anythign like that but I was feeling blue. The weather was cloudy and cold and a bit windy, just as I like it but it did not help, I wanted to be home... I think I was feeling insecure or frightened or something like that, with no reason at all!!! Poor of my friends that had to deal with my strange being today... sorry guys!!! :C

But now, after a nice nap, I'm so much better, not great but better. Maybe I'll do something fun... like sew my "Bag of Ideas" (that I was planning to make since last December!), or make the patterns, or draw a bit, oh, or READ!!! It's been so long since I read something with pleasure. I have to enjoy what is left of this Friday as for tomorrow I gotta do University's stuff... booooring!

So, message: Dear Weather Fairy, please make it rain tonight, give me some wind and a bit of a storm so I can ease my spirit and go back to my daily-smiling tomorrow. Thanks!

Today I've learn: Do NOT force myself to do stuff when I have not the energy to do it, it gives me fever.



  1. you too? I hate feeling blue is so boring and frustrating -.-

    I miss you so much ♥

  2. sorry dear...i read it today...i have not opened your blog for three days...
    you must back to your happy-feeling-girl-mode...
    i liked your idea of 'bag of ideas'.......
    it is awesome.
    love you.