Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rain rain rain...

Well, bad mood and depress are gone... I think. Nah, yeah, they're definitely gone! And thanks to Aslan, I'm smiling and happy and with a bit of more energy to do stuff or maybe just go on. What helped?? Well, mostly the freedom to have some free-bad mood time for a while and let it go slowly, but let it show and not keep it inside as I've been doing this whole time... is good to do sometime, it makes you feel lighter then. What else?? Music helped too, friends, buying the ticket to go to the FANtastiCON next Saturday, watch the new HP & DH trailer (OMRowling!!!!), family and gym... definitely gym helped a lot!!

Argentina 1- Nigeria 0
Not as much as I expected from the match but... hell I liked the team!!! They played like a real argentinian team, with heart and soul! ^^ Part of them, the rest of their soul and heart are waiting for the finals!!! :P

What else?? Oh, right, IT'S RAINING!!! So, I'm inmediately going to draw and read and then watch a movie!! ^^ Nice weekend I'm having... what about you??

Today I've learn: Maradona can do nice things! ^^


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