Thursday, 24 June 2010

Drawing makes me good!

Things are not going as I was expecting them to go... NONE of them, NONE! And when I wake up happy and nervous and excited, thinking I'll get some good news, they fail... I fail. First I stay quiet, deep in silence looking at the floor or some distant dot in a wall; then, anger rise up until my neck and start getting all red. After that I just stop talking, walk away and start drawing with the music during my way home.
I learnt from last year that crying for this kind of shit doesn't work, it makes it worse... No, now I just let everything rise until my neck, turn red and walk away so I can draw a bit. Drawing makes me feel so good! Thanks.
That shit happened again today (two times in a week, I should be destroyed...) and my friends immediately told me to calm down... poor them, worried...
In order of WHAT am I going to do about all that shit (and the rest that is still coming) I don't know what to do. I'll do my best -as I was uselessly doing all this time- and if it comes everything wrong again I'll turn red and walk away silently every time until Holidays arrive to save my sanity. That's all, there's nothing more I can do...

One more thing, I'm no longer freaking out for Eclipse's release... my trying of NOT crying or anything ruined it. Sorry.

Now... gotta go and paint a bit, I have a LOT to do for tomorrow but I'm fed up for today, really fed up, so I won't die to finish everything.

Today I learnt: Drawing on the bus is so much fun!

PS: Thanks for reading my complains... this is the only place for me to do so.

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  1. Oh! my poor sis... Though i don't know the reason of your so called 'neck-level-redness', i am feeling that you are now trying to hate something in this world more seriously. I tell you one thing... When ever i feel like that... I just think about that something/someone i really desire so that i will remain in my best.... And i just think a happy story about me and that something/someone having the central role and play it inside my mind... And i just become happy once again.
    Try it... It works best for me... I hope it will make the same impact for you too.
    Love you always...