Friday, 4 June 2010


It is important to hold a smile or keep going when you're in bad times, it's when it worth and counts as real smiles and real efforts. But... what if I don't want to smile? What if I don't care to look happy all the freaking time anymore? Or just make believe I'm always cheerful?
Well, I'm fed up. I'm tired of rutine, of my fake smile this past week when what I really wanted to do is shout and run away; I'm tired of studying when I want to make and do so many other things I couldn't during summer. Oh, shit, tired of not sleeping well at nights because I dream too much and I wake up tired and sweaty like I've been in a battle or something.
I'm so tired and fed up.

But then they show up. They come down at the exact time they should, like angels, and relief me of some of my... rubbish. They appear and make me smile and relax and stop thinking so much... And I won't say who they are just in case I ruin something magic going on with them and me, and this precise moment to make me cheer a bit. I'll just say: THANK YOU!!

Today I've learn: I'm not obliged to be happy all the time, I'm allowed to be blue. XOXO

PS: I'm a bit better, thank you very much!


  1. I know exactly how you feel although I think being blue is better than being depress as I am.

    You know I'm always there whenever you need to talk or write. I'm here (=

    I love you sist ♥

  2. La facu consume demasiadas energias.... demasiadas.
    Yo tambien me estoy pudriendo bastante de todo, de tener sueño todo el tiempo o de dormir mal.
    Pero hay que soportarlo.... que se yo, lamentablemente la vida no es de color rosa.... ojala se pudiera andar rascandose el higo todo el dia xD! o hacer las cosas que a una le gusta!

    Vamos Lucesita, todas estamos igual, pero hay que seguir ;D!

    pd: ya no te vuelvo a obligar para que vayas a la facu xD! lo prometo!

  3. Happiness... That's what we all need...isn't it dear ? But their is a little bit problem in it...we cant get it so easily...for this we have to share something valuable...with friends, with family, with yourself, with the world, with everything we can . Life is short and these finite moments of life produces an infinite product of happiness. And to be happy...we dont need to find how many sweet moments are there in our life ... We just have to figure out how many lives one can cherish in a moment.