Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December is AWESOME!

I always had a thing for December, for me it has always been the best month of the year because classes finished and in came Christmas and New Year. But this year, I think, it has been the best December of my life. Why?
Well, I just had my very first Fashion Show, not a whole collection but a dress in the collection we made with my partners at the Fashion Designing Course I attend. The theme was CIRCUS and I came with the idea of a Fortune Teller, the ones from the old Circus, the ones from the 1930s and, well, this was the result:

(Modeled by Guada Moyano)

I'm very very very happy with the dress, very! It was kind of difficult at first because the design I made was complicated, but everything turned out great!!
More news, well, just yesterday my teacher from the course sent me an email asking me if I wanted to be part of a group he created for Independent Designers... OMG!!! You can't imagine how loud I shout!!! I mean, I just started this year with the course and with sewing... I've always liked drawing clothes and stuff like that in my illustrations and now, and now, and now. I inmediately said yes, even though next year is gonna be busier than this, it is an oportunity I can not let pass, right??
Well, I'm so happy.

What else?? I made this video about Espon-Illustration, which is an idea I've been working on lately about drawing anywhere with anything you have on hand.
(Here's the link)

And, what else?? I'm doing amigurumis right now, I'll keep doing them 'cause it's a lot of fun and very relaxing ^^ Then I'll post something... oh, about all the sweet food I'm gonna cook for this Christmas.

Goodbye for now.
Today I've learn: I really really really love Mori girls' style.


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  1. wow sis !!!!!!! you are a fashion pro now...

    love you more