Tuesday, 28 December 2010

XMas and the heat

It was a real mess to decorate the cookies but really fun also!

Sooooo hot!!! It's so bloody hot today!!! Swimming pool is not ready yet (maybe tomorrow) and there's nowehere fresh to sit or lay.
Back to our business.
Christmas was great, really really fun... even when a firework exploded almost on my face, was cute not to burn and see those pink lights so near ^^
My cousins and I bake ginger and honey cookies and everybody ate them! And we also ate ice-cream and nuts and a lot other Christmas stuff.
Oh, and I got a tiger t-shirt, a mannequin (that I called Lizzie after Elizabeth I), a pair of flip flops, the last book of my favourite cartoonist, a perfum, a book with fifty Ex-libris and the book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians... really good stuff.

I'm remaking a dress after another dress I got in a Flea-market... I think is gonna be really pretty after some changes. I'll post a picture later.

Bye for now.
Today I've learn: reading classics make you travel.

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