Thursday, 30 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Oh, well, tomorrow is the last day of 2010 and I thought I should do like a recount of the great things that happened this year. So, here goes some pictures and photos that will tell the story.

My family at the beach :)

This was on March, when my Book-sisters stayed at home for my Birthday!! :)

Our 'Dandelion Book Club' at the Book Fair on May :3

The Halloween Party that my friends from Uni and I did... Sooo cool! :)

At my Ma Soleil's Birthday Party last month :)

Dinner and ice-cream last Tuesday with my Primary School friends :)

My very first dress in a Runway Show!!! :D

There are many other ocassions that I enjoyed, of course, but this are the most great of all! This are the ones that make me happy right now, in this moment, remembering when they happened betweet all the things that went wrong... this ocassions are the ones that put a smile on me. And, obviously, here in this photos are the people that became the strawberries on my desert, the stars on my sky, the friends on my heart.
So, thanks to all this people, to my friends, my family, the new people I met, and to you... that takes the time to come by this Sugar Blog.


Today I learnt: something about the directions when you're on a skateboard.

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