Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Girls holidays

I'm back!! I'm back from my week out of home.

(left to right: Meli, me, Mels, Rose, Mara and the picture was taken by Maca)

My friends from Uni and I went to Mar del Plata, that here in Argentina is like THE place for holidays for its nice beaches and theatres. We stayed on a flat that belonged to one of friends' aunt.
I could write a whole journal about what we did, where we went and how much we laugh but in stead of that I'll just say that I had the most amazing holidays of my life. I loved spending so much time together (even more than when we are studying!), going out every night, waking up early every day, going to the beach, making our dinners and lunchs and breakfasts, and going to have some ice-cream almost every night. I learnt to love them even more.
So, for all the things that happened that week I say: THANK YOU and LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Goodbye for now.
Today I've learn: I can miss someone so much sometimes.
Sugar kisses.

PS: Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the things I got on my holidays.

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