Thursday, 20 January 2011

Painted Fairy

On my holidays I bought this plaster fairy because I wanted to have a sculpture to put with my other fairies and dwarves and gnomes and make a bit of a forest. So, I found this beauty (really really really cheap!) and brought it home and immediately started painting it.

I've always been experimenting on the wings of the fairies... never draw or paint them the same way: make them with colours, with just a same shade of blue or red, or just with glitter. This one, as it was all white I spend a looooooot of time wondering what to do until...

But just because I'm a bit obssessed with it now... who knows? maybe I'll paint on top soon, who knows??

Alright, I'm out for now... going out to supper.
Have a nice week!!!

Today I've learn: to be careful with glitter.
Sugar kisses.

PS: I'll try to post cooler things from now on... this is a bit dull, right?


  1. holaaaaa
    muchisimas gracias por el comentario!!
    por cierto te lo comentamos en esta entrada por si no lo ves, es que los vestidos de hace un par de entradas NOS ENCANTAN
    el corte es precioso y los estampados concuerdan a la perfeccion, enhorabuena!
    haces diseño o algo asi?
    un beso de

  2. wow I like you experiment! the fairy looks beautiful! I love fairies and other magical creatures!

    ps: maybe you would like to join our giveaway?