Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bright Star - First Kiss

Keats: I had such a dream last night! I was floating above the trees, with my lips connected to those of a beautiful figure. For what seemed like an age, flowery treetops sprung up beneath us and we um, rested on them, with the lightness of a cloud.

Fanny:Who was the figure?

Keats: [Sighs] I must have had my eyes closed, because, I can't remember.

Fanny: And yet you remember the treetops?

Keats: Not so well as I remember the lips.

Fanny: Who's lips? Were they my lips?

Some romance in this blog won't hurt.
Today I've learn: I really like experimenting with shapes and fabrics on my maniquin.
Sugar kisses. Safi.

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  1. what a sweet and lovely post. gorgeous scene, i must catch this movie :) hope you're having a lovely day!

    love, M