Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I have few songs that make me feel better when I'm down, few in the world of music that make me face smile once again even when I'm crying. This song, for this reason or another is one of those that lights my heart and my face. For that reason I'm posting it... just to listen Adam Young's voice singing about fireflies and dreams while I smile.

Today I've learn: I'm not alone, I have friends and family but still... I can't hear my heart.
To repeat: JUST HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. Quote from Prision Break, the one that every actor repeats until I fully swallowed it. Now, I have to "just have a little faith".

Sugar kisses. Safi

PS: Thanks Meli, many thanks.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

10 things

I sent this two necklaces to engrave during my holidays, the first one is a heart made with the G cleff and the Bass cleff (my friend Meli has the same one, we both go to the same piano lessons) and the second one are the three words that give me strengh when I need it.

10 things.

001. I am a very curious person. I enjoy serching stuff on books or Internet like the kind of food gnomes would eat, or the dresses that Elizabeth I used to wear during her Golden Age, or read whichever book is in front of me just because I'm curious about its content.

002. Although I am curious and like to know different stuff, I also like to leave a lotof things in mystery, even he simplest ones, so I can have the oportunity to be surprised. I like surprises.

003. Supernatural, Dr House, Kingdom Hospital, Carnivale, Friends and The Big Band Theory... all my favourites.

004. Inspite I'm studying a lot of things (Art, English, Fashion Design, Piano) and do some others (Illustration, writing) I do not know what to pursue for my life, yet. I like doing all of them and I'm starting more things this year... Maybe, just maybe, all of that goes in the same direction, right? Could that be?? I just have to figure out what is that direction, what's in the end of the road.

005. I'm a very good cook and I especialise in deserts and cakes and cupcakes and everything else sweet. ^^

006. I tend to worry too much about things... This year I'm trying to change that a bit, and it goes good so far.

007. I like being alone sometimes.

008. I have a younger sister and a younger brother whom I love. My first tattoo was in their name.

009. I like floral perfumes.

010. I'm still determined to save enough money to move to England and start my grown-up life there.

Alright, this is everything for now. I'll be going to a friend's house this afternoon and stay there some days before I start studying... again.

This 10 things thing was copied from Devorelebeaumonstre because, well, I liked it and thought it would be a would thing to bring up this blog a bit. Soon, I'll be posting more things about the fashion styles I'm interesting now so I can organize my mind and own style a bit... or maybe I'll start writing short stories again, I don't know. Holidays make me wanna do a lot of things at the same time, not quite possible but at least I never get bored.

Today I've learn: My dad cooks goooood bread!!
Sugar kisses, Safi.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Painted Fairy

On my holidays I bought this plaster fairy because I wanted to have a sculpture to put with my other fairies and dwarves and gnomes and make a bit of a forest. So, I found this beauty (really really really cheap!) and brought it home and immediately started painting it.

I've always been experimenting on the wings of the fairies... never draw or paint them the same way: make them with colours, with just a same shade of blue or red, or just with glitter. This one, as it was all white I spend a looooooot of time wondering what to do until...

But just because I'm a bit obssessed with it now... who knows? maybe I'll paint on top soon, who knows??

Alright, I'm out for now... going out to supper.
Have a nice week!!!

Today I've learn: to be careful with glitter.
Sugar kisses.

PS: I'll try to post cooler things from now on... this is a bit dull, right?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Girls holidays

I'm back!! I'm back from my week out of home.

(left to right: Meli, me, Mels, Rose, Mara and the picture was taken by Maca)

My friends from Uni and I went to Mar del Plata, that here in Argentina is like THE place for holidays for its nice beaches and theatres. We stayed on a flat that belonged to one of friends' aunt.
I could write a whole journal about what we did, where we went and how much we laugh but in stead of that I'll just say that I had the most amazing holidays of my life. I loved spending so much time together (even more than when we are studying!), going out every night, waking up early every day, going to the beach, making our dinners and lunchs and breakfasts, and going to have some ice-cream almost every night. I learnt to love them even more.
So, for all the things that happened that week I say: THANK YOU and LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Goodbye for now.
Today I've learn: I can miss someone so much sometimes.
Sugar kisses.

PS: Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the things I got on my holidays.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sewing like a mad girl

This Sunday I'll be going to the beach with my Uni friends so I decided to make me some dresses.
I used only one same pattern (just because I didn't have time to make anything more elaborated) for the three dresses I made, but I tried to make them as different as I could... using buttons and lace.

This was the first dress and it's the most simple one and... it has POCKETS :). It's called "Emily"

I named this dress-kind of-t-shirt "Marina" and it ties on the neck.

I added different kinds of lace and some perls on the front as details.

This last dress is called "Lucrecia" and it also have pockets on the sides.

And the back is just like this.

I really like what came out of this few time, a single pattern and some fabrics that were hidden on my drawers. ^^
Hope you like them.

Gotta go now. I'll try to post something else from the beach but I won't promise anything :P

Have a nice weekend.
Today I've learn: something about birds.