Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"All yours"

Well, weather is just PERFECT!!! cloudy, windy and a bit dark already. Perfect for reading, watching some movie, drawing... relaxing stuff. Of course, I have a lot of Uni shit to do buuuut... in some weird way I have a renew energy to do all of them, even study.

This music video is from Eclipse'. I loooove this song (though my favourite from the soundtrack is "My love" by Sia) and the video is just great. Love Emily's hair, and the gloomy and blueish climate of the video reminds me of today... yeah, deffinitely. Oh, and the cottage where's Emily (the singer, by the way) is lovely.
Great video!

So, this is everything for now, I think. I won't write much about Eclipse' because I don't wanna be a spoiler... though I'll say something: Rob Pattinson's performance has improve A LOT! ^^

Today I've learn: some people think they know everything about everything.


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