Sunday, 25 July 2010

Children's storybooks

I love this movie. One of my favourites!!

Ok, yestarday's attempt of needle felting failed. Why? well, I tried to do it with a regular needle but didn't work out, so now, I gotta try getting the actual needle I need to do this technic. Sad, I know.

Anyways. Despite me saying yesterday about writing today about my passion for vintage fashion, I decided to write about an other of my passions, the one that I have been practising most lately: illustration.
Last week, when I told a friend about my idea of give a bit of my life to this creation of children's storybooks she said: "We think (her and another friend) that that book you made last year is the best thing you've ever done". Well, blushing! Furthermore, what I say is that I really really really love doing this, this mix of cute and naïf stories with nice illustrations; it's like going back to my childhood everytime, or that I go back to that land I use to go when I was little and I started to write and invent and imagine.
So this, this is one of the ideas I have for my life. There are three in my mind at this moment... not decided which one I'll give more time and use it as my main income, yet. I'm not in a hurry though but... I'd like to start deciding already because, well, you know, I'd like to start saving for an apartment and a "I hope" future England-moving-into thing... and also, to direct my energies to that ability(¿?) for, sooner than later, get a job that involves it.

What else?? nothing more I think... oh, yeah, IT'S RAINING and it looks like snow... is not but, it's nice. ^^

What I've learn today: I like weird people and weird stuff.


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