Friday, 30 July 2010


(Secong post of the day... wow!)
um, in the last five minutes I discovered a bunch of great things that I MUST post here so not to forget names, links and from where inspiration came from.

Firstly: Alice Magazine which is an online magazine that offers the reader a series of great artists and artisans and designers. I found many things here... especially related to paper which was what I was looking for at the beggining. Excellent!
Secondly: and via Alice Magazine, I run into Marmee Craft that is a beautiful blog from Marjorie Liucci who lives in North Carolina, US. She works mainly with themes like forest animals and ladies and then pictures them into dolls and paintings. Just lovely!
Thirdly: Well, I already tried this technic of papercut but I haven't been able to find any artist that does it as well, always found the images alone... until just now. Rob Ryan is a british artist that works entirely with papercutting and screen prints, but not just small papers... he also works -along with his colaborators- in huge peaces of paper that he turns into beatiful and great pictures. Genious!
(I leave you this link to a vid of him working:
Fourthly (last but not least): John William Waterhouse was a british painter from 1849. He worked mainly with literary themes and female characters from Greek and Arthurian mythology. I loved his delicated work into the human figures and the beautiful touch of a fairy-tale style he gave to his paintings. Gorgeous!

Alright, this is everything for now. It's raining outside so I am very much inspired.

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  1. Thanks so much for finding Alice Magazine - next edition due October 2010 (new quarterly editions) x