Friday, 23 July 2010

Free as a bird

Well well, I'm back again... after (I think) a month without posting. You know why.
Today, lovely people I'm in the middle of my Winter Holidays. And what was up with me until today??
-Lost a course at Uni (laskdjklajsdlkas NOT my fault!)
-Presented three skirts at the Fashion designing course for which we used as inspiration "Tim Burton". So it was pretty goth and dark and Alice's style. GREAT SKIRTS! I gotta thank my friends Rosina, Belén, Micaela and Cecilia for those. Thank you girls!
-Bought many things, such as paper, colour pencils, markers and stuff like that so I won't get bored during holidays.
-Met my old Primary School friends for the um, "Friends day". Was absolutely fun!!!
-Draw fashion.... A LOT!!!! For which I used as inspiration: "What would I wear if I were a rock star..." and it came out from that a lot of lovely things, I hope one day I made in fabric and thread.
-Watch like a thousand movies (I am an addict).
-And now I am going to sew my "Bag of Ideas".

Well, I had a pretty indoors holidays so far... but! but at least I go out when going to the gym, right? RIGHT? :3
Anyways, I like it this way. Not going to the city like I do every single day when I go to Uni... I feel relax and happy and energic and I'm very inspired by everything. Very productive! I wish it was like this once in a while during classes... I wish.

Alright friends. I am going to try to sew my bag and then try to needle felting. Yeah!!!
With alllllll my love and great mood, Safi.

Today I've learn: Sunny days make everything a bit more easy.

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