Friday, 30 July 2010


(Secong post of the day... wow!)
um, in the last five minutes I discovered a bunch of great things that I MUST post here so not to forget names, links and from where inspiration came from.

Firstly: Alice Magazine which is an online magazine that offers the reader a series of great artists and artisans and designers. I found many things here... especially related to paper which was what I was looking for at the beggining. Excellent!
Secondly: and via Alice Magazine, I run into Marmee Craft that is a beautiful blog from Marjorie Liucci who lives in North Carolina, US. She works mainly with themes like forest animals and ladies and then pictures them into dolls and paintings. Just lovely!
Thirdly: Well, I already tried this technic of papercut but I haven't been able to find any artist that does it as well, always found the images alone... until just now. Rob Ryan is a british artist that works entirely with papercutting and screen prints, but not just small papers... he also works -along with his colaborators- in huge peaces of paper that he turns into beatiful and great pictures. Genious!
(I leave you this link to a vid of him working:
Fourthly (last but not least): John William Waterhouse was a british painter from 1849. He worked mainly with literary themes and female characters from Greek and Arthurian mythology. I loved his delicated work into the human figures and the beautiful touch of a fairy-tale style he gave to his paintings. Gorgeous!

Alright, this is everything for now. It's raining outside so I am very much inspired.

Karl says...

ell, here we have the adorable and cute Alexa Chung and the genious Karl Legerfeld saying a bit of truth. Enjoy!

Today I've learn: when rains a lot... my swimming pool gives loads of bubbles out of raindrops.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Children's storybooks

I love this movie. One of my favourites!!

Ok, yestarday's attempt of needle felting failed. Why? well, I tried to do it with a regular needle but didn't work out, so now, I gotta try getting the actual needle I need to do this technic. Sad, I know.

Anyways. Despite me saying yesterday about writing today about my passion for vintage fashion, I decided to write about an other of my passions, the one that I have been practising most lately: illustration.
Last week, when I told a friend about my idea of give a bit of my life to this creation of children's storybooks she said: "We think (her and another friend) that that book you made last year is the best thing you've ever done". Well, blushing! Furthermore, what I say is that I really really really love doing this, this mix of cute and naïf stories with nice illustrations; it's like going back to my childhood everytime, or that I go back to that land I use to go when I was little and I started to write and invent and imagine.
So this, this is one of the ideas I have for my life. There are three in my mind at this moment... not decided which one I'll give more time and use it as my main income, yet. I'm not in a hurry though but... I'd like to start deciding already because, well, you know, I'd like to start saving for an apartment and a "I hope" future England-moving-into thing... and also, to direct my energies to that ability(¿?) for, sooner than later, get a job that involves it.

What else?? nothing more I think... oh, yeah, IT'S RAINING and it looks like snow... is not but, it's nice. ^^

What I've learn today: I like weird people and weird stuff.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Trying new things

I am very excited about this!!
This technic I want to try (I am gonna) is called needle felting. I first met with this beauties when I run into Fieltrunguis' blog a couple of years ago; her blog is so full of cute and adorable stuff. Maru (the owner of this lovely blog) is a great artisan who makes amigurumis and needle felted animals... I also first met with all the amigurumi theme with her blog.
Well, last week, just before I finish the first term at Uni I FINALLY FOUND FELT, which is the material you need to needle felting. I almost cry when I saw it... I think I was looking for it since a year and a half, or more! Immediately after I finished my classes I run to buy some light-blue felt, just enough to try this technic and see if I like it or if I'm good at it.

Now, if you're interested on how this needle felted toys, here there are some cute examples:

And this is like felt looks like and those are the materials you need to do this technic:

Alright. This is my post for today... I think (I THINK) tomorrow I'll put something about another of my passions: vintage fashion! ^^
Hope you like this!!

Today I've learn: DO NOT force a sewing machine futher than she wants to give for the day!!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Free as a bird

Well well, I'm back again... after (I think) a month without posting. You know why.
Today, lovely people I'm in the middle of my Winter Holidays. And what was up with me until today??
-Lost a course at Uni (laskdjklajsdlkas NOT my fault!)
-Presented three skirts at the Fashion designing course for which we used as inspiration "Tim Burton". So it was pretty goth and dark and Alice's style. GREAT SKIRTS! I gotta thank my friends Rosina, Belén, Micaela and Cecilia for those. Thank you girls!
-Bought many things, such as paper, colour pencils, markers and stuff like that so I won't get bored during holidays.
-Met my old Primary School friends for the um, "Friends day". Was absolutely fun!!!
-Draw fashion.... A LOT!!!! For which I used as inspiration: "What would I wear if I were a rock star..." and it came out from that a lot of lovely things, I hope one day I made in fabric and thread.
-Watch like a thousand movies (I am an addict).
-And now I am going to sew my "Bag of Ideas".

Well, I had a pretty indoors holidays so far... but! but at least I go out when going to the gym, right? RIGHT? :3
Anyways, I like it this way. Not going to the city like I do every single day when I go to Uni... I feel relax and happy and energic and I'm very inspired by everything. Very productive! I wish it was like this once in a while during classes... I wish.

Alright friends. I am going to try to sew my bag and then try to needle felting. Yeah!!!
With alllllll my love and great mood, Safi.

Today I've learn: Sunny days make everything a bit more easy.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"All yours"

Well, weather is just PERFECT!!! cloudy, windy and a bit dark already. Perfect for reading, watching some movie, drawing... relaxing stuff. Of course, I have a lot of Uni shit to do buuuut... in some weird way I have a renew energy to do all of them, even study.

This music video is from Eclipse'. I loooove this song (though my favourite from the soundtrack is "My love" by Sia) and the video is just great. Love Emily's hair, and the gloomy and blueish climate of the video reminds me of today... yeah, deffinitely. Oh, and the cottage where's Emily (the singer, by the way) is lovely.
Great video!

So, this is everything for now, I think. I won't write much about Eclipse' because I don't wanna be a spoiler... though I'll say something: Rob Pattinson's performance has improve A LOT! ^^

Today I've learn: some people think they know everything about everything.


Saturday, 3 July 2010


I became one of those people that the only thing that expects from future is a problem or some mistake. God, that's nasty, horrible indeed! Why do I have to feel this way??
You know, even when I try to wake my energy up it is very difficult, it's like every now and then something happens and I'm down again, moaning, absent, invisible and being nothing. I hate me when I'm like that! But, here it comes again, the truth. "Ain't about how fast I get there Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side It's the climb." Right???
Well, I'm kind of complicated lately... see?

Aaaanyways. I'm here to write that I'm trying and trying and trying. Oh and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Today I've learn: Argentina has heart (though I already knew that today I remembered!) XOXO Safi