Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It is very weird to come home and find that the sky is full of dragonflies. I came down from the bus and I saw that millions and millions of dragonflies were flying everywhere... I walked home like a maniac, watching the sky and the little flying bugs that seemed to announce the rain that it's yet to come.
Here, at 18:25... the sky is getting cloudy.

Over the past years this dragonflies and the fireflies and the butterflies that used to colour the seasons, especially during summer, started to disappear leaving the trees without their wings sound, or the metal colours of them also... It was so sad. But now, this appearence... well, it's just wonderful, and even better than that because this new clouds of dragonflies means that Mother Nature wants us to still live with her, she still wants us, she still loves us. I just wish everybody else knew this. You know this, don't you??

Now, please, do me a favour. The next time your walking or in the bus or in the train or in the car, please, watch the sky, seek for dragonflies, fireflies, butterflies and all of those little and significant things that Nature gives us to enjoy and to take care and to love. Please, watch, seek, and love.

Today I've learnt: blue is my favourite colour for drawing illustrations of little girls.

Be good, be kind, be happy.

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