Saturday, 17 April 2010

It is very early!!

Hum, Hello there!! Well, I haven't post since... well, some time. So sorry. Uni got me too fast with a lot of things to do and I didn't want to be left behind.

Today, fellas, is the eighteenth birthday of a very important friend of mine. She is one of the friends I met through internet, through Narnia. I think it was two or three or four years ago when I met her and Meer and we liked each other almost immediatly; then we met Suki and after that we met face to face and then they came to my birthday and stay to sleep here and... well, a whole other magic and weird things that happened to us and that make us be the book-sisters!! ^^ (because we love books and we met through them also!)
So, Maca, have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!! Don't forget I love you, girl!! :D

Things from my life?? Went to the zoo last weekend with my cousins... I don't like zoo but it was fun just to be with my little monsters! ^^ Hum... it rained three days in a row here, I got wet and almost got a cold, but I didn't... why?? because I'm 20 years-old now and I'm invincible!! XD Oh, and yesterday I had F. Designing class and all the girls liked my drawings, my designs!!! O.O It was so weird, I thought I was like a wirdo there, I might be, yeah... but at least they liked my designs!! ^^

Anything else?? It's cold and it's Autumn... and I love it!
Have a nice day purple people!

Today I've learn: about "avios" which are the buttons or other little stuff that goes in the clothe... and I don't know their name in english ¬¬


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