Thursday, 22 April 2010

What a strange world...

es, it is.
This is a comic by Liniers... I loooooooove them!!! He's a genious and his humour is great! He always draws this kind of strange characters with this strange lines; it's just awesome!!

Today?? Nothing out of the ordinary... Yesterday?? Well, a friend made me think I had a crush on my Scenography teacher (who's actually not a teacher but a student-teacher!)... anyways, it made me think a lot. About?? hum, can't say... this is not a bloody secret diary, God! Anyways... today we're gonna have pizza for dinner (which I adore!) and tomorrow I'll have my favourite classes: Fashion Designing and English. Oh, by the way, a native teacher from England is coming to teach us for like a month or so, I'm so nervous and so excited!!! ^^

People, today is Earth's Day! So please please please, at least, think a minute about it, about our beloved planet, our mother nature. Think, please, in all the things you do to help her and what else you can do. Please, think and do something. We have to keep it green and alive and great.

Today I've learn: Chocolate does cure the heart... sometimes.


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