Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sleepover and Design

Well, I missed a post. It's OK right?? Because I have more things to write about now...

Yesterday I went to pick up my cousins from Kindergarten, then I brought them to their home, fed them and help Juan Cruz with his math homework. After that, I took the bus again (third time in the day) and went back to the city to met my friends. We met, went to the University to see our timetables for next week and then we took another bus to my friends house where we'd have our sleepover.
We ate, watch films: The Others and Cirque du Freak; we played Wii and ate again. During the night we also told Eclipse's story to Mels and Bisho who hadn't (and won't) read the book, and stayed awake until 6 am... when I told everyone to go to sleep because they already looked like zombies. The next morning after we woke up, we took breakfast and then played Pictonary while laughing of the lack of hand to draw some of the cards... Me and Mels were winning but at the end we, somehow, lost ¬¬ After that we watch Hide and Seek (while shouting to Meli who screamed every time and scared us ¬¬) and then had pizza and empanadas for lunch; then we entered to Shelfari and made or book-to-buy list for the Feria del Libro (Book Fair) that will arrive this 22nd of April... aklsjdlkajslkdjalskjdlkasjdlkas!!
When the afternoon arrived my friends and me said goodbye to Meli and went to the city where Mels and Mara walked with me to see if I get a spot in the fashion design course and I GOT IT!!! My Aslan, I was soooooo happy, so so so so bloody happy!!! XD Now I can do what ever I want and finally put in practice everything I draw and design with the right measurement... which I don't know... YET! Well, after this euphoric happiness, I accompanied my friends to the Japanese course talk, and there I met my friend from school with whom I talked and talked and talked. Just being there with all the students made me want to go back to study japanese... but I really can't right now because I'm already with my CAE (Cambridge Advanced English), the gym and now the Fashion design course, so...

Well, this two days went in a hurry but they were so great, so bloody funny!!! Now I have to prepare for the begining of Uni classes and start studying again.

And this is everything for today. Have a great Easter season!! and eat a LOT of chocolate! ^^

Today I learnt: One noght with the King movie sucks!!


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  1. you have applied for fashion designing !!!!!!! wow....great.....tell me more about it ......via leaky