Friday, 9 April 2010

First Fashion design class

Ok, at laaaaaaast I had my first Fashion design class today!! Yeay! ^^ I was weating for this like almost a year, since I found out last year that there were desgining classes in La Plata and it finally arrived the day I sit and learn about fashion.
Class: all girls, male teacher. He has his own line in Buenos Aires and he knows a lot... though he doesn't smile much and is a bit creepy for that. Girls, a lot and all talkatives except for me as always :P
Today's theme: quick fashion history (my! I knew all of that!! Thanks to movies and history books from high school! XD) and different kinds of fabrics... there are sooooo manyy!! O.O
Homework: make four random designs, easy! And classified different fabrics: not so easy!

I was so nervous and happy to go, to finally learn how to design because though I draw pretty well and know something about colours and matchings I need to know how to combine, and fashion history and about trends and marks and lines and designers. So, well, we'll see what comes out from this... I hope it is a Spring-Summer collection worth to try to do it! ^^

Not much else from today. Gotta go to the gym now and then come back to make pizza!!

Today I've learn: Oh, a lot about fabrics that I didn't have a clue! ^^


PS: What would you like me to design for you???

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  1. will be so lovely to see you designing cloths..... ok,design a gryffindor quidditch robe for me by your own... and pls tell me how it looks like...
    love you