Monday, 26 April 2010

Lights on

Well, everything goes well.
Until yesterday anything was Ok, I was feeling blue and down and... irritated without a reasonble reason. But today, after I met with my friends at Uni all that bothered me was suddenly gone and a smile bloomed in my face. I felt great, not happy but great.
I am great now.

What I've learn today: Talk between girls through notes during boring classes are really funny, and helpful!!


Thursday, 22 April 2010

What a strange world...

es, it is.
This is a comic by Liniers... I loooooooove them!!! He's a genious and his humour is great! He always draws this kind of strange characters with this strange lines; it's just awesome!!

Today?? Nothing out of the ordinary... Yesterday?? Well, a friend made me think I had a crush on my Scenography teacher (who's actually not a teacher but a student-teacher!)... anyways, it made me think a lot. About?? hum, can't say... this is not a bloody secret diary, God! Anyways... today we're gonna have pizza for dinner (which I adore!) and tomorrow I'll have my favourite classes: Fashion Designing and English. Oh, by the way, a native teacher from England is coming to teach us for like a month or so, I'm so nervous and so excited!!! ^^

People, today is Earth's Day! So please please please, at least, think a minute about it, about our beloved planet, our mother nature. Think, please, in all the things you do to help her and what else you can do. Please, think and do something. We have to keep it green and alive and great.

Today I've learn: Chocolate does cure the heart... sometimes.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bohemian Rapsody

I'd like some of this, please!
There are days when I only think, I think all day and all the time... while I talk, while I smile, while I walk and while I sleep. Headache comes running then, or a worried face or a silent night in a the middle of this world so full of noices and sounds and voices.
Some days the only thing I really do is to think.

Interpreter: Declan Galbraith
Song: Bright eyes
From: The lovely bones

Today I've learn: Some things needs time.


Saturday, 17 April 2010

It is very early!!

Hum, Hello there!! Well, I haven't post since... well, some time. So sorry. Uni got me too fast with a lot of things to do and I didn't want to be left behind.

Today, fellas, is the eighteenth birthday of a very important friend of mine. She is one of the friends I met through internet, through Narnia. I think it was two or three or four years ago when I met her and Meer and we liked each other almost immediatly; then we met Suki and after that we met face to face and then they came to my birthday and stay to sleep here and... well, a whole other magic and weird things that happened to us and that make us be the book-sisters!! ^^ (because we love books and we met through them also!)
So, Maca, have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!! Don't forget I love you, girl!! :D

Things from my life?? Went to the zoo last weekend with my cousins... I don't like zoo but it was fun just to be with my little monsters! ^^ Hum... it rained three days in a row here, I got wet and almost got a cold, but I didn't... why?? because I'm 20 years-old now and I'm invincible!! XD Oh, and yesterday I had F. Designing class and all the girls liked my drawings, my designs!!! O.O It was so weird, I thought I was like a wirdo there, I might be, yeah... but at least they liked my designs!! ^^

Anything else?? It's cold and it's Autumn... and I love it!
Have a nice day purple people!

Today I've learn: about "avios" which are the buttons or other little stuff that goes in the clothe... and I don't know their name in english ¬¬


Friday, 9 April 2010

First Fashion design class

Ok, at laaaaaaast I had my first Fashion design class today!! Yeay! ^^ I was weating for this like almost a year, since I found out last year that there were desgining classes in La Plata and it finally arrived the day I sit and learn about fashion.
Class: all girls, male teacher. He has his own line in Buenos Aires and he knows a lot... though he doesn't smile much and is a bit creepy for that. Girls, a lot and all talkatives except for me as always :P
Today's theme: quick fashion history (my! I knew all of that!! Thanks to movies and history books from high school! XD) and different kinds of fabrics... there are sooooo manyy!! O.O
Homework: make four random designs, easy! And classified different fabrics: not so easy!

I was so nervous and happy to go, to finally learn how to design because though I draw pretty well and know something about colours and matchings I need to know how to combine, and fashion history and about trends and marks and lines and designers. So, well, we'll see what comes out from this... I hope it is a Spring-Summer collection worth to try to do it! ^^

Not much else from today. Gotta go to the gym now and then come back to make pizza!!

Today I've learn: Oh, a lot about fabrics that I didn't have a clue! ^^


PS: What would you like me to design for you???

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Significant, actually!

Today I went with my friends to watch Remember me at the cinema. Sad, very sad story. But it is about this quote that I want to write about: "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it", a quote prom Mahatma Gandhi that it's very repetitive in the movie.

I don't agree.
I think everything you do is significant because it touches others and it touches you. I mean, every action in our lives have consequences on everything that will do also in the future, everything counts, everything matters and everything is significant to our lives and the lives of others that could or could not depend on us. People are important as individuals and as groups. Of course it is very important that you do this things, it takes courage to walk every day, to breathe and to smile, also... but it isn't insignificant because it matters, you matter, I matter, we all matter. Maybe it is time to understand this: it is both important and significant that we do things. Everything can change from our decisions on.

About the movie: Rob Pattinson can act something that isn't Edward Cullen... great to know! Also, Emily de Ravin acts really good as well but her american accent wasn't the best. And... well, Rob Pattinson was freaking gorgeous in the movie!! ^^

Today I've learn: Drama movies+ice cream matches great!!

Quote I DID like from the movie "If you could hear me, I would say that our finger prints don't fade from the lives we've touched."


Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It is very weird to come home and find that the sky is full of dragonflies. I came down from the bus and I saw that millions and millions of dragonflies were flying everywhere... I walked home like a maniac, watching the sky and the little flying bugs that seemed to announce the rain that it's yet to come.
Here, at 18:25... the sky is getting cloudy.

Over the past years this dragonflies and the fireflies and the butterflies that used to colour the seasons, especially during summer, started to disappear leaving the trees without their wings sound, or the metal colours of them also... It was so sad. But now, this appearence... well, it's just wonderful, and even better than that because this new clouds of dragonflies means that Mother Nature wants us to still live with her, she still wants us, she still loves us. I just wish everybody else knew this. You know this, don't you??

Now, please, do me a favour. The next time your walking or in the bus or in the train or in the car, please, watch the sky, seek for dragonflies, fireflies, butterflies and all of those little and significant things that Nature gives us to enjoy and to take care and to love. Please, watch, seek, and love.

Today I've learnt: blue is my favourite colour for drawing illustrations of little girls.

Be good, be kind, be happy.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

"...other time when I would only read..."

Singer: Regina Spektor
Title song: That time

Today I've learn: My uncles can be real children when they play football with my little cousins ^^


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Eggs

Yesterday I went to my uncle's home and after they had lunch (me and my sister already had eaten) we drove to El Tigre where we had a beautiful breakfast in a kind of restaurant that was like an old old old pirate place, and there were this ancient boats made like tables where you can sit and have a cup of tea; and also there were hundred of chairs in different colours and different drawings on them: spoons, flowers, sheeps. It was really beautiful, just be there having my cream coffe and a brownie by the side of the river... ^^ And when we went back to my uncle's home (really late at nighe) I made pizza: pineaple pizza (from my aunt and sister), just cheese pizza (for my sister and my cousin), tomato pizza (for me, my uncle and my aunt) and mushroom pizza (idem!)... it was soooo delicious. I've never made pizza and it turned out pretty good. Now that my mum found out that I can bake pizza she wants me to make some next weekend...

I made Easter Eggs yesterday, also. And today we decorated them. Pretty chocolate things!

Today I've learn: some pencils just aren0t made for drawing, they're made for writing.

Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sleepover and Design

Well, I missed a post. It's OK right?? Because I have more things to write about now...

Yesterday I went to pick up my cousins from Kindergarten, then I brought them to their home, fed them and help Juan Cruz with his math homework. After that, I took the bus again (third time in the day) and went back to the city to met my friends. We met, went to the University to see our timetables for next week and then we took another bus to my friends house where we'd have our sleepover.
We ate, watch films: The Others and Cirque du Freak; we played Wii and ate again. During the night we also told Eclipse's story to Mels and Bisho who hadn't (and won't) read the book, and stayed awake until 6 am... when I told everyone to go to sleep because they already looked like zombies. The next morning after we woke up, we took breakfast and then played Pictonary while laughing of the lack of hand to draw some of the cards... Me and Mels were winning but at the end we, somehow, lost ¬¬ After that we watch Hide and Seek (while shouting to Meli who screamed every time and scared us ¬¬) and then had pizza and empanadas for lunch; then we entered to Shelfari and made or book-to-buy list for the Feria del Libro (Book Fair) that will arrive this 22nd of April... aklsjdlkajslkdjalskjdlkasjdlkas!!
When the afternoon arrived my friends and me said goodbye to Meli and went to the city where Mels and Mara walked with me to see if I get a spot in the fashion design course and I GOT IT!!! My Aslan, I was soooooo happy, so so so so bloody happy!!! XD Now I can do what ever I want and finally put in practice everything I draw and design with the right measurement... which I don't know... YET! Well, after this euphoric happiness, I accompanied my friends to the Japanese course talk, and there I met my friend from school with whom I talked and talked and talked. Just being there with all the students made me want to go back to study japanese... but I really can't right now because I'm already with my CAE (Cambridge Advanced English), the gym and now the Fashion design course, so...

Well, this two days went in a hurry but they were so great, so bloody funny!!! Now I have to prepare for the begining of Uni classes and start studying again.

And this is everything for today. Have a great Easter season!! and eat a LOT of chocolate! ^^

Today I learnt: One noght with the King movie sucks!!